mostly haikus by nick krefting

hundred word wednesday – “wealth, fame, and danger”

In Hundred Word Wednesdays on June 27, 2012 at 2:43 pm

I like stories of courage, as I am not very courageous. Here is a vicarious tale.

The important thing was to stay in motion, they told her. These creatures were not like the T-rex from Jurassic Park, but some smarter breed. If she stopped, they would find her, and they would kill her. But they were very deliberate, so she could survive if she could keep moving. But where was she going?

She could remember answering an ad that promised wealth, fame, and danger. After that, her life was a blur, and she found herself here, at the edge of this ancient forest. She took one deep breath, then took her first tentative step forward.


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