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In Blog on March 23, 2012 at 12:34 pm

Venus continues to blaze bright and high in the western sky after sunset, and Jupiter’s still hangin’ in there. My lovely and talented wife took this photo with my phone a couple nights ago when we stopped by our local reservoir to do some light-polluted stargazing. Venus is up top, then Jupiter below it, and Boston College lights reflect off the water. Feel free to ask her about the aquatic rat that nearly attacked her as she captured this gorgeous little scene (seen at the very bottom of the photo, peeking above the water).

Catch it while you can, folks. After the next couple months, Venus is going away for a while. In fact, she won’t really be around in the evening again until the summer of 2015, when she plans another enchanting twilight dance with Jupiter.

  1. it is so amazing to think that something so small is a flat disc floating out there by the sun, a mere 15 miles from earth’s surface!!!

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