mostly haikus by nick krefting

hundred word wednesday – “please”

In Hundred Word Wednesdays on January 25, 2012 at 8:30 am

I first heard this song probably 18 years ago, and have heard it hundreds if not thousands of times since then. It has only gotten better.

“It is too about suckin’ dick! Please Please Me, man. Think about it.”

Nathan couldn’t deny, Rosco had a point. In fact, Nathan completely agreed. Still, it was fun to hear him get so worked up. “I dunno, man. You think they woulda let that shit on the radio back then? Stricter times…”

“That’s the whole point!” Rosco was screaming now, right in the middle of this Wendy’s. Priceless. “You had to be clever as hell to write about suckin’ dick! Codes and shit!”

Louder by the second, Rosco kept ranting. Customers were staring, now, and inside, Nathan was smiling.


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