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hundred word wednesday – “clutter”

In Hundred Word Wednesdays on October 19, 2011 at 12:03 pm

I wrote the lyrics to a song. It goes like this: ‘Oooh, it’s Wednesday/One hundred words’

It’s a very short song. Here you go.

It wasn’t just junk; it was his junk. They seemed to think he willingly lived in a cluttered filthy mess. Didn’t they know what this stuff meant to him? It was everything. It was him.

They wouldn’t believe him when he said so. He tried to be articulate, he tried to be logical, and then he tried to be forceful. He was worried it would look crazy, but he needed to, because if they took him away, he might as well die.

They did take him away, and though he didn’t die, his life was over.

  1. The softball team is going to shit. Ronnie’s hurt, and without him we don’t have a reliable slugger. Kay and Tyler’s stupid bullshit needs to stop and they need to play goddamn softball because nobody is having fun when they’re sniping at each other across the infield. Maybe if we were winning it would be funny or something, but we’re not, so it isn’t.

    Damn I wish Jerome was still in town. Stupid National Guard.

    Softball used to be what got me through shit work days. Looking forward to the game, grilling in the parking lot, drinking at Debbie’s house afterwards or going to Shane’s Grill. Now it’s just adding to my stress level. Thank god today was field work today and I didn’t have to sit in the office doing paperwork. We cleaned out some wacko’s house today. Guess they shipped him off to a hospital the night before. Moving his furniture was a good workout.

  2. Oh man – i saw my first episode of hoarders just the other day and when I read this I was like – this is what the lady was trying to say as she cried over her trash bags being taken away.

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