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In Blog on September 9, 2011 at 9:16 am

This is how I imagine most conversations between Sean Lennon and Julian Lennon going.

SL: Hey Jules.
JL: Howzit goin’ mate?
SL: Alright, alright. How’s yer mum?
JL: Times are tough, ya know, but she’s doin’ fine. Yours?
SL: She’s doin’ well, in the middle of an art show. A similar type thing to where she met Dad, ya know.
JL: Ah, right. Good time in life for me, that.
SL: Hey, I’m sorry mate, don’t mean to bring up the divorce and that.
JL: Not a problem, ya know. Least I got ‘Hey Jude’ out of it, you know. What have you got?
SL: Hey, Julian, I got ‘Beautiful Boy’ ya know, don’t slag that song off, alright?
JL: Right, right, cuz everyone knows ‘Beautiful Boy’ nowadays and no one remembers ‘Hey Jude’ right?
SL: Bugger off, ya twat, at least Dad wrote that song for me. Yours was written by that twit Paul coz he felt bad for ya, yeah?
JL: Paul treated me very well once Dad left, ya poofter. And either way, Dad wrote ‘Good Night’ for me, didja forget that?
SL: Oh, that sappy Disney song that he pawned off to Ringo?? Listen, mate, you keep your ‘Hey Jude’ and your ‘Good Night’ and I’ll listen to the actual proof that Dad loved me enough to write a song and sing it to my face.
JL: Fuck off, Sean.
SL: Fuck off, Jude.


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