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hundred word wednesday – “the martian testicles by ray bradbury”

In Hundred Word Wednesdays on January 26, 2011 at 9:17 pm

Last week’s story got real, as they say, and though I am pretty proud of it, I felt this week I should lighten the mood a little bit. So enjoy a humorous jaunt through the inner workings of SPACE. As always, if you’re so inclined, write your own hundred word story and put it in the comments.


“Okay, that looks exactly like a penis and two testicles,” the NASA scientist thought, looking up at the most recent photos of the expedition to Mars. He looked at his stone-faced colleagues. “How can they not see this?”

The presenter moved to the next slide, and now the image was so clear he was sure someone was fucking with him. But no one else seemed to notice.

Meanwhile, the Mars rover, having developed sentience and the sense of humor of a middle school boy, was hard at work Photoshopping its next masterpiece for the boys at NASA, “Mars Boobs Mountains.”

  1. I really relate to this. Minus the rocket science.

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