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hundred word wednesday – “marco”

In Hundred Word Wednesdays on December 15, 2010 at 1:12 pm

Guys, I don’t know. You get what you pay for, which is evidently not very much. Enjoy?

Everybody peeks while playing Marco Polo. Everybody except Tommy, the world’s greatest Marco Polo player. He had never lost a game, and this gave him confidence in the pool.

But as soon as he replaced his swim trunks with jeans and reopened his eyes, he was just another shy 9-year old with a lot to learn about girls and the world.

He was thankful, then, when the underwater school opened up. Here was a place where he could finally be himself!

Tommy and his classmates drowned on the first day, and the underwater school was shut down indefinitely.

  1. HAHA – WHAT!?!?! Tommy deserves a happier ending. I will give him one. Stay tuned…

    • Once through the Pearly Gates, Tommy felt at ease, perhaps because flying through the clouds gave him the sensation of swimming.

      On one typical, heavenly day (let’s call it a Tuesday), Tommy wasn’t paying attention, and flew right into another angel.

      “Pardon me, sir,” he said.

      “Please,” replied the elderly angel, in a heavy Italian accent. “Up here, everyone calls me M.P.”

      Tommy, starstruck, hesitantly asked M.P. if he’d ever played his namesake game, to which M.P. replied, “Hellz yeah! That game RULES!”

      Tommy knew immediately that his Heaven was about to get a whole lot better.

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