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do you guys want a hyperlink?

In Blog on December 6, 2010 at 4:30 pm

You guys. My hard drive broke yesterday you guys. That means that, in addition to it being Monday, I am distractable and cranky. But don’t worry Internet! Instead of whining about it, I’m going to use the hyperlink function that is inherent to the internet medium to explain my feelings. Relevant hyperlink! Read Ray’s poem at the end there. In a way, my car has been shot. The rest of the strip is also great.  But there are my feelings, right there in another place on the internet. Thank you hyperlink functionality.

  1. That sucks. But that Achewood is great, and it led me to back up to March 29, 2005 and read the entire plot line, which was also great. Without your computer dying, this wouldn’t have happened, and I would be somewhat less happy right now.

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