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hundred word wednesday – “right and wrong”

In Hundred Word Wednesdays on December 1, 2010 at 7:24 pm

In the interest of being timely and appropriate, today I wrote a story about a week-old holiday. I didn’t mean to, it just kind of happened.

It has been a little while since someone wrote a story in the comments, and while I won’t call on anyone individually (yet…), I will say that I have somewhat Kringle-esque powers when it comes to Hundred Word Wednesdays, and to all the naughty readers out there, I assure you: I am making a list.

There are few things which move men’s hearts to passionate action as quickly and as ferociously as someone being blatantly wrong, and his wife had clearly done something wrong. But here is the thing about the hearts of men: they know to act against that which is wrong, but they very rarely know how to make it right.

So it was that, instead of just taking the slightly overdone turkey out of the oven, Norman lectured his wife on several proper methods of turkey preparation. Once he finished his rant, their dinner was inedibly dry, and nobody was satisfied.

  1. But really, you are funny and I should write one of these. Meow. Sophie agrees, she felt bad she hadn’t commented before.

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