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campfire songs

In Blog on November 5, 2010 at 5:10 pm

Being a guitar player,  I sometimes think about the concept of the “campfire song”. If there is a guitar around, if people are drunk enough, and if the situation is right, you will be asked to play songs. So it is good to have a solid little repertoire of singalong type songs that people can drunkenly sing. Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” has been known to kill in circles I occupy, and I imagine that “Hey Jude” or “The Man in Me” would also do the trick.  I need more of these tunes in my bag. I played a lot of covers in high school, but it was all the pop-punk and ska that I was really into at the time. My formative years, more or less, were spent learning songs no one else knows now. Got to get learnin’.

But there is another type of campfire song. When the embers are glowing and people are getting sleepy, when it gets late and the conversations get deep, or if people are just zoned the fuck out and don’t want to sing anymore. This is time for a slower, more introspective type of tune. I also need more of these in my brain, but I’ve thought of a couple:

Neil Young does it right.

Big Star also does it right.

I just think this song is funny. It has nothing to do with any campfire moments.

Anyway, you guys got any songs you think would fit well in either of these categories? Also, you wanna go camping in the freezing goddamn cold?

  1. Two fine questions I wish I had some answers to as well. Also, I wish I could go camping.

  2. Kreftdog,

    You can still break out ABB’s Melissa right?

    During my recent travels in Indonesia, I found myself around many an acoustic guitar campfire often in the same dilemma you describe, with no one else really connecting with my acoustic versions of the riffs from transistor and do you right or the bass line of here in your bedroom. When I got home I found a I had an insatiable urge to learn how to play and sing the acoustic version of Foo Fighters Everlong, which I would recommend you add to your list. Next time I’ll be ready.

    In addition to their usual utility of soothing the partied out, a high percentage of Indonesian beach town locals also use the campfire song as a their go-to tool for seducing “Eat Pray Love” inspired female westerners, resulting in a number of hilariously slowed down, emotional versions of sexy reggae jams. My personal favorites included the unplugged version of UB-40s “Girl I want to make you sweat” sung with intense directed eye contact and another track, I imagine is titled “Horny” with a duo teaming up for the harmonized chorus hook “I get so horny horny horny”. I’d recommend something along those lines if you’re looking for any ironic additions to the campfire repertoire.

    I’m loving the 100 word stories by the way.

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