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dealing with a bryce

In Blog on October 22, 2010 at 2:18 pm

Not to generalize, but if a guy is named Bryce, he’s probably been in a fraternity, and he’s probably a douchebag.  If you run into a Bryce, you will want to scram immediately, but this will only anger the Bryce. Do not let fear overtake you. Inside he is probably just insecure and anxious that the world promised to him on a spoon will not be delivered.  In order to make the Bryce feel comfortable, let him know you’re on his team by using one of these endearing nicknames:

Bryce Canyon (Almost too obvious – use with caution. This might expose you as a fraud.)

Fried Bryce

Rollin the Bryce

The Nuclear De-Bryce

Fire and Bryce

Jesus Bryce-t

Three Blind Bryce

Sugar and Spice and Everything Bryce

He’s Making a List and Checking it Bryce


Once you get on Bryce’s side, you are almost in the clear. Exchange a high-five with him, tell him you’ve got to “break the seal”, and make your exit, unharmed.

Congratulations! You have successfully evaded a Bryce!


  1. I think you forgot about the ever popular “Bryce-a-roni”

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