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mitchell the worm

In Hundred Word Wednesdays on October 20, 2010 at 8:27 pm

Oh man! Almost forgot it was Wednesday! But never fear, dear readers, I can whip up a hundred words in, like, no time. Here is a story, for instance, that I just wrote in, like, 5 minutes. Same rules as always apply, my slacker-ass friends… Write a damn short story. About anything at all, really. You can even go back to last week and write something based off that. I’m trying to start a revolution here dammit! WRITE WITH ME!!!!

Went overboard, but no apologies. Read, and weep…

It was a slow day crawling in the dirt, as it often was. Mitchell was slow, even for a worm, and he was really taking it easy. Mitchell had three main objectives: eat, reproduce, and don’t work too hard. He was good at the first, really good at the third, and as a result, didn’t find much time for the second.

The dirt moved slowly in and around him, and he suddenly felt a rush of instinct such as he’d never felt before. All thoughts of eating vanished, for another worm was near, and life had new meaning.

  1. But before Mitchell could make a move, he felt the environment become cold and thick. He’d likely suffocate under the weighted mud unless he reached the surface soon. He wriggled with all the force he could muster, and though he couldn’t see it, he sensed that the brightness of day was near. One last heave and he was out, feeling the pelting drops hit his slick body.

    As he meandered between grass blades, he cursed the ill-timed weather. Until he noticed his fantastic – and abundant – company. Procreation, he gloated, would happen several times over, and without much effort at all.

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