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In Hundred Word Wednesdays on September 29, 2010 at 2:54 pm

Wednesday’s back, duders and duderettes. That means more tiny stories to read. Remember, I want to read your stories too. Riff off my story, keep it under 100 words, above 95. Last week we (i.e. the blog, i.e. me/I) only had one respondent (an excellent glimpse at a situation involving Santa Claus), and I’d like to see some more stories. LET’S DO THIS!

Ok here’s the story for the week.

The rhythmic pounding wakes her with a start. “Again with this bullshit,” she thinks, turning over to try and get back to sleep.

Nothing. She looks at the clock. 1:32AM.

1:36AM. She gets up and turns on the fan to muffle the sound. She tries to settle back in, but no good. She can still hear the sounds.

She gets up and goes to the fridge, where she opens the door and stands in the cold glow of the light. The pounding upstairs eventually slows and stops.

Eyes closed, she smiles. Now she can sleep.

  1. “Do you think the neighbors can hear us?” she whispers.

    “No, we’re being very quiet.”

    She leaped higher on her pogo stick. “It’s just that, it’s so late, and…”

    “I work from 7-9 on most days and goddamnit if I can’t have fun in my own apartment,” he said, his moon shoes creaking with his 275 pounds. He thought back to his high school graduation, when he was mocked for wearing those very same moon shoes under his gown. If only they could see him now.

  2. this story takes place in the past and in the present

  3. The new tenants upstairs were keeping them awake, again. She believed they’d eventually accept the noise. He wasn’t prepared to deal anymore.

    Throwing off the sheets, he grabbed his robe, and marched to the front door.

    “Where you goin’?”

    “To address this problem,” he huffed, slamming the door behind him.

    He wasn’t known for equanimity at 2:00 am, and she would likely have to apologize for his behavior come morning.

    Minutes passed; the pounding continued – and was at full force when he returned.

    “Problem solved,” he said, tossing her a Duane Reade bag, containing a box of bright green earplugs.

  4. Finally…1:30… started. It took him ages to get to the point, but now the bed is rockin’, as they say. OK – so it’s a little…boring.


    We’ll get to the good part soon, I guess.


    I wonder if that meeting at work tomorrow will be cancelled – really haven’t prepared.


    No one cares about that sales meeting in January. It’s just an excuse to fuck around.


    Are you kidding. That’s it. We’re done. What time…? 1:40. Not worth it. Is that snoring? I hope he doesn’t think he’s sleeping here.

    Maybe tomorrow night’s date will be better.

  5. […] check out the response stories to this week’s hundred words. Good stuff, all revolving around repetitive sounds! […]

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