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hundred word wednesdays

In Hundred Word Wednesdays on September 22, 2010 at 4:08 pm

It’s Wednesday again, which means another extremely short story. One of my readers had a good idea, that I should ask for further submissions from anyone who wants to take a crack. The rules? Put it in the comments section, keep it between 95-100 words, and ideally the story should have a full arc (situation, conflict, resolution). As for topic, I don’t want to put too many rules on you. Just basically whatever my story makes you want to write about. This might get more or less strict as time goes on, but I’d love to read what you guys come up with.

And with no further ado, here’s this week’s story. I hope you like sap.

Chuck went back and forth over it in his mind, and decided it was time for his daughter to know the truth about Santa Claus. He turned from the sink to see her happily eating the cereal he’d laid out for her. Time to stop coddling her. Her mother wasn’t in the picture and it was time to stop coddling her. “Samantha,” he said, and she looked up over her spoon, with her eyes as sweet and innocent as they were the first time he saw them. He hesitated.

“I love you honey. Eat your cereal.” The truth could wait.

  1. This was surprisingly hard although I don’t know why I am surprised.


    The happy whistle stopped abruptly. Mr. Claus put down the block and whittling knife for the hundredth time that day. How did he get here? His memory unfogged. He remembered: A few pickled kids, a little creative storytelling, and a judgement condemning him to exhaust himself for the children of the world. No one even wanted the wooden toys anymore. Claus panicked for a moment and tried to untie himself from the quaint rocker. He stopped. The urge came over him again and, forgetting his previous thought, he picked up the knife and applied it to the half-formed horse, whistling.

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